17 December 2006

Tatted baby Bonnet and Bootees

Here is a photo of the Baby Bonnet and Bootees I tatted quite a few years ago now.....thought that they might interest some viewers to my site
Thanks for looking


Anonymous said...

Hi Joy,

I took you up on your invite to visit your blog from the Watercolor workshop list. You must have lots of patience to do tatting....I tried it some while ago and I just couldn't consistently flip those knots. I'll stick to knitting.

Monique Brownson

Kathy Nesseth Art said...

Joy your blog is beautiful; I am so impressed with this lovely bonnet and bootees and of course your wonderful paintings. I use to do quite a bit of tatting but later went to crochet; now hopelessly lost in the wc world. www.kathynesseth.com

Unknown said...

Wow, this bonnet and booties set is just exquisite. They are so beautiful.

Art by JoyMac said...

Many thanks toyou all for your very kind comments on my Baby Bonnet and bootees.