31 August 2007

My Hand woven Suit

This is a photo of my hand woven suit that I made myself and also one of my handspun and knitted jumpers........I have always been interested in all hancrafts and I really fell in love with my big loom, making many things on it for myself and my friends.
It went to a good home after I started having problems with my arms and shoulders....I still miss it though


Jilly said...

I love the woven suit and jumper you are a very tallented lady Joy.

Bonny said...

Hi Joy;

I see we have other hobbies in ommon besides watercolour painting. Your knitted jumper is gorgeous! I also do some knitting, although I prefer smaller items now. Currenly I'm working on a pair of socks for my husband. I also used to do embroidery. Everything from Black Work, Advanced Tapestry, Cross Stitch, Hardanger and Ribbon Embroidery - all things I haven't done for a long time now.
It's a treat to look at all your lovely pieces. Brings back memories!


Kathy N said...

Hi Joy - your tatting is beautiful and so are you. I tat as well but haven't done any in quite a few years. Most of my tatting was quite simple, like narrow lace but I did do a few Christmas tree ornaments.