03 April 2014

Tatting with a Netting needle

This is a small video I made to show how I tat with a netting needle


Madtatter80 said...

I tat a lot, and I don't do it this way, but I feel this is great video for teaching, most people can not get the flip. Thank you for showing us and hope you have a good day!

Fiona T said...

Thanks Joy, I'm sure this will help with the celtic tatting shuttles I have too. Nice clear video and explanation :)

Unknown said...

Many thanks for your nice comments

MKinPA said...

Holy socks, Joy! I've been doing the second half like Riego all the time (up until a couple months ago)! I now do the "swoop & slide" and find it a bit faster. Still good to think that I've been tatting "classically"! Thanks for the video - now I have to try the Celtic shuttles.