19 June 2006

Crusifix Orchids

This is a flower of the Crusifix Orchid.......if you look closley at the centre of a flower you will se the Crusifix...a truly amazin flower


Dabs - Carol Holt said...

Lovely photos Joy... beautiful flowers. Good to see you got your blog started!

Art by JoyMac said...

Today I have spent the whole time getting this blog site and my flickr site up.......I never thought it would take that long but it has been worth it.
I hope that I can add more of my friends and family to this site
Dabs, I want to thank you again for your help...without you I would still be sat here trying to get everything right...your an angel...I appreciate you

Purplon said...

Hi Joy
Well done I think it will take me more than a day to get started.
looks great

Anonymous said...

Love your paintings Joy!!! Great job on your blog!Hugz,Jan