20 June 2006

Vase of Magnolias

I have completed this watercolour painting so thought that I would put it in my blog for you to see...I do hope that you will like it........I like oriental type painting's ..it is a very interesting subject for me...so here it is


Michelle Himes said...

I really liked this one when you posted it on WcWorkshop, Joy. I like the composition, the colors, and the Japanese feel to it.

You did a good job on this blog. I've enjoyed reading it. I found it difficult to get my blog started, especially posting pictures. I could have used some help from Dabs too.


Dabs - Carol Holt said...

This is lovely Joy...:)I too like the colors very much... you have a real knack for the oriental flair.

I could have used someone's help when I first started my blog too Michelle...:)