30 August 2012


Hi All,
It has been a couple of weeks since I last wrote anything on this blog so I though that I would do so  now.
It is getting very close to the date of my 1 year without my DH, on the 5th September 2011 he passed to be with the Lord and I am starting to get teary already........I must admit I have been very lonely even though I am very near to part of my family.
After 59 years of marriage I guess that is to be expected but it does'nt make it any easier, I have had the Lords help to get through this time so I should really be grateful for that, and I am believe me, but I miss Bernard so much........maybe it gets better with time, I will just have to carry on and make the best of it.
Love and Hugs to you all
God Bless


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Hello, Joy. When I lost my dad, the first year was the hardest. I still get a little teary every once in a while, but mostly I just think of the wonderful times Mom and the four of us kids had with him. I hope the same is true for you. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Hugs, Diane

Maureen said...

The first year is the hardest, Joy, and the anniversary is a watershed that must be navigated. Perhaps after the special date, you will find that you are more at peace.
59 years of marriage is a wonderful achievement!

Unknown said...

Hi Diane,
Yes it has been a hard road to travel and I know that I will always have a little sad place in one corner of my heart, but I can truly say that the Lord has lead me this far and He will continue to be by my side through all the rocky places...many thanks for your comments
Hugs and God Bless

Unknown said...

Hello Maureen,
With the Lords help I will navigate this time..I cant say that it will be easy but with His help I will get there.
Love, Hugs and God Bless