18 June 2015

Hi to you all

Sorry I havent written anything lately but things just got away from me and now I have a new computer and it is all another learning curve LOL, will find something to add at a later date so watch this place

19 February 2015

Right now I am doing my Bobbin Lace, making a long border for one of my daughters, she has aquite a long cabinet so it will take some time but when the border is finished it will be completed with a linen centre.

27 December 2014

To my DH Bernard,
Another day without you, the day times not so bad,
Another lonely night, I sit here with my memories of the happy times we had
It"s Christmas now when most of the folks all really happy and glad,
But without you here beside me, my heart is very sad,
To some that may seem crazy,
So many say "Time Heals",
But till you've "Been there Done that" you dont know how it feels.
To loose the one and only love, for many years gone by,
It seem like something is missing,I bet your wondering why
For me that something missing is having you by my side..
RIP Bernard
Till we meet again.
Love you always

27 June 2014

This is the edging around a tablecloth, I did the white embroidery just to take the plain material and give it a lift.

03 April 2014

Tatting with a Netting needle

This is a small video I made to show how I tat with a netting needle

29 November 2013

Tapestry counted cross stitch

Since I moved to my much smaller house I have been searching for things as I still have boxes unpacked. recently I found my Cross stitch tapestry but couldnt find the cottons....yesterday I found them and was doing the Happy Dance......I started it ages ago so now I am going to try and finish it, the photo shows how far I had got with it
Hugs Joy

16 November 2013

Here is the table runner finished apart from the material being sewn into it