30 October 2007

Elephant Sketch

Here is another sketch of an Elephant......seeing that I am on a roll with drawing at the moment I am going to keep going for a while...the more practice the better

Kangaro Sketch

This was an interesting sketch to do.......I used a graph to do this sketch....I am finding using a graph is very helpful

29 October 2007

Bunch of grapes

I drew this bunch of grapes with the Derwent Graphitint Pencils...then went over them with a small brush and clean water.....I have a box containing 24 of these pencils and they are a delight to use.

Hamilton the Hamster

A watercolour painting of Hamilton the Hamster.......as I love animals this painting was a pleasure to paint...most enjoyable

Partial hand drawing

This is a partial hand drawing taken from the book by Lee Hammond...I am finding this book to be an excellent learning tool....I used a 2b Mechanical pencil

Painting of Chickens

This is a painting in watercolour of Chickens done in the Chinese style of painting

Drawing of a Frog

I am trying to build on my drawing knowledge so this Frog is a start....drawn with a 2B Mechanical pencil using the graph method