29 July 2006

Watercolour Painting by Joy

Here is another of my paintings...this one was taken from a lesson by Neil Jones of www.watercolour-paintbox.com.
I really enjoyed painting this and also enjoyed this magnificent lesson so thanks Neil

25 July 2006

Just two on the beach

I havent been to my blog for a few days but thought that I would put this new painting of mine in for all to see.... the weather is still very cold here so not much time going out shopping, apart from getting the essentials ....gives me lots excuses for getting a painting done!

This painting was take from a lesson by Charles Evans


15 July 2006

A Photo of Danni and Tao

This is a phto of Danni our Sealpoint Birman and Tao his brother who is a Blue point......seeing that I told you all about Danni being ill recently I though that you would like to meet him and his brother.
They are gorgeous boy's so affectionate and so good...they love being brushed and combed..even having their claws cut too....they have never been a problem and love to chase one another aroung the place always entertainting us.

Havent been around

I havent been around for the last few days...Danni one of our Birman cats has been ill so I have been looking after him and not had much time to post here.
However he is O.K. now thank goodness...it was a worrying time.
Right now I am trying to paint a portrait ...trying to figure out the flesh tones so it is going to take me a while to get it finished.
We were going up to the snow to take some photos but we haven't been there yet either but it will happen soon I hope.

01 July 2006

Watercolour painting of Ariel an African Girl

I am posting this photo of a painting I have been doing over the past couple of days....it is an African Girl that I painted from a demo in a learning book for watercolour portraits....(namely "Painting People by Michalin Otis a wonderful book)..I think she is rather beautiful............ I enjoyed doing this painting immensely...........and am now looking for more portraits to paint.