24 December 2008

Andre Rieu - Silent Night, Holy Night (Christmas instrumenta

Silent night played by the man himself Andre Rieu...just awesome
Happy Christmas to you all and have a Magical New Year

11 November 2008

Andre Rieu Glenn Miller medley

Who Says Music cant be lots of fun even the classics????? What a man what an Orchestra

Andre Rieu - Strauss-Walzer Medley 2005

27 October 2008

My fist try at painting a Koi Fish

This is my first try at painting a Koi Fish.....On taking a good look at this painting I can see there is much room for improvement but that will hopefully take place next time around.

20 August 2008

Just 2 of my Froggie friends

Here is a photo of 2 of my Greent Tree Frogs...we have 7 altogether but 4 are just babies the one at the back is Jo Jo and the one at the front is Toe Jo......Cute Huh???

17 August 2008

Tiger in Pastel

Here is another painting taken from a Colin Bradley lesson....a Tiger.....painted with the Faber Castell Pitt Pencils......hope you like him

15 August 2008

Revised Version of the Gorilla

This is a revised version of the Gorilla.....I still think it can be altered a little more but will wait a while and just keep it in sight to see what I can do to make it more real looking

09 August 2008

A Gorilla

This Gorilla was painted in Faber Castell Pitt pastel pencils from a lesson by Colin Bradley in England......This one was very intricate and I know that I can do better and will paint it again when my confidence comes back to me for painting with my pastels...havent used them for some time now.

02 August 2008

A Meerkat

I haven't done any painting for a few weeks due to me being in hospital and then recuperating, but this morning I picked up my Faber Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils and had a go at this Meerkat...I may be a bit rusty but at least I had a go.

This painting is taken from a lesson by Colin Bradley in England.....you can see some of his demos on You Tube ...he goes under the name of colin1940 if you are interested

25 May 2008

17 April 2008

The Little Girl Portrait a second go

This is a re-do of the Little Girl......I had fun painting this one and believe that I painted this one a lot better....I feel that the time spent in redoing this portrait has boosted my confidence to try more portraits...so I am one happy camper.
All thanks go to Taylor Bush and her lessons on DVD

29 March 2008

A Little Girl

This is a portrait taken from a lesson by Taylor Bush(ZOE).......I now have a fascination of doing portraits as this is a glazing technique which I am very interested in.

26 March 2008

My first portrait

This is my first portrait......I painted it from a lesson on the net and downloaded it a year or more ago...sorry I cannot remember who did this demonstration but thought it was time I gave it a go.

01 March 2008

Pink Azaleas

Here is another view of the watercolour painting Azaleas this time in pink.......I think Azaleas and Rhodies are just gorgeous and a joy to paint

25 February 2008


These White Azaleas were painted in the same method as the Rhodies..... a technique that I am absolutely thrilled with thanks to Arleta Pech, her book and the DVD

15 February 2008


This painting is a portrait of taken from a photo "The Girl in a Hat"...it was a challenge painting from a watercolour group that I am in.......these challenges really stretch ones abilities but we learn a lot from them so it is all worth while

14 February 2008

Watercolour Painting of Rhodedendrums

This painting was taken from a DVD lesson of Arleta Pech's..whose art work is wonderful....her detail in painting lace is magnificent......this lady has produced a book and DVD's which are very detailed....I really like her technique.