27 April 2007

Bobbin Lace Table centre

This is a Table Centre piece done in Bobbin Lace that I have just finished........all it needs now is a lovely piece of Linen inserted into the middle.........all hand sewn to the lace.

14 April 2007

A Bobbin Lace Pony

Here is a photo of a bobbin lace Pony that I just finished......it was taken from a new book I bought called 100 New Bobbin Lace Patterns.....I really enjoyed doing this little piece and he/she will end up as a decoration on one of my jumpers I think

03 April 2007

Took a few days holiday

We had a weeks holiday at a place near to us.....it is a fishing village called Lakes Entrance in Victoria Australia.......the weather was gorgeous and the food simply yummy......going to miss that!!!!!!
You can see in the photo the Black Swans which are native to this area and are lovely creatures.........the building to the right is a restaraunt floating on the water....we had lovely tasty coffe there a couple of times.

The motel where we stayed was called The Pelican......the management and staff were top class ....I would recommend it to anyone either living in Australia or a visitor to the country.