31 December 2006

Travelling Pillow

This is one of my travelling pillows......a very handy size for tucking into the car if we go away......it was made in Holland and has a rachet type movement... you can see this ratchet on the right of the roller making the roller very steady

28 December 2006

This is my swap painting that I recieved from Floyd ....the November 2006 SWAP from Watercolor Workshop Group.
Many thanks Floyd it is a great painting

Happy New Year

Hoping that you all will have a very "Happy and healthy New Year"
Thanks for all the comments thoughout 2006

25 December 2006

Merry Christmas


17 December 2006

Tatted baby Bonnet and Bootees

Here is a photo of the Baby Bonnet and Bootees I tatted quite a few years ago now.....thought that they might interest some viewers to my site
Thanks for looking

09 December 2006

More of my Bobbinlace

Just another two pieces of my lace that I did a few years ago.......it really is a lovely old craft which has a fascinating history........I hope to teach a few of my friends next year so that this lovely work will continue for many more years

More Photos of my hobbies

I thought that I would put some photos of my bobbinlace in my blog for you to see...these pieces were done quite a few years ago...but I hope to update them soon......Bobbinlace and Tatting are another part of my hobbies and I enjoy them both.

09 November 2006

This is my latest watercolour painting......I give all the thanks to Alan Woodland who gave me this lesson.......thanks Alan.... I think it came out O.K.
Hope you all like it

23 October 2006

Geisha Girl for Julian

I am posting this painting of a Geish Girl for Julian to see.....hope that you like it Julian...she was taken frome a photograph wich was sent to me

12 October 2006

This pastel painting of a Panda is also a lesson from Colin Bradley.........it was a joy to paint......thanks go to Colin for teaching me how to do pastel paintings of animals...I am ever grateful to you.

Katy our White Poodle

This is a photo of our White Poodle Katy when she was 4 years old..we gave her this Photo taken by a great photographer in Queensalnd to her as her Christmas present that year.......(Yes we are crazy and our pets do get presents) ...she died when she was 15 years old... we missed her terribly and cried for days..the house was so quiet without her.
We declared that we would not have any more animals as loosing Katy was just too much to bear at the time... but it didn't last long before we had another Poodle Mindy and then we got Jaycee too.
Katy will alway be close to our hearts and a wonderful memory of a faithful friend

This is the very first Pastel painting that I did.......it is a Colin Bradley lesson using the Faber Castell Pitt Pencils which are great to use and not powdery or messy like the other pastels....I started with the eyes which seems to work for me as I get the "feeling" of the animal that way....since doing this painting I have added one chalk pastel ...a Sminke White for the highlights.
I am extremely pleased with these lessons as Colin is a brilliant artist and a very obliging and helpful man....go to his site to see more of his lovely pastel paintings....I am sure that you will enjoy looking at his work

11 October 2006

Watercolour painting of Aqualegia's

This is my latest painting...the Aqualiega is a very delicate flower but very beautiful.......I took this from a book called A-Z of Flowers....enjoy.

The two dark marks at the top of this painting are not on the original so I guess it must be my scanner.

03 October 2006

Watercolour Lily

I managed to get back to my watercolour painting the last couple of days so decided to try this Lily using the wet in wet method........which I have been trying to do for ages but just couldn't get it right .......
This was done very similar to the method used by Susan Harrison Tunstain........
I think this one has been the best yet.

01 October 2006

Myself and my husband Bernard

I tried to get this photo into my blog when I first started it but just couldn't work it out so now here it is.....taken a few years ago.......due to the flood we had here two years ago we lost most of our recent photos.

Benson Bear

This is Benson a bear I made in 1998.....seeing that this is a family site as well as art I though that you would like to see more of my art and craft work......I made bears for a few years from large ones like Benson to tiny ones.

Sketch Wild Roses

Here is the sketch I have done of Wild Roses......I have every intention of painting them in watercolour at some stage when I have finished painting the Lily......I am taking my time with the Lily...painting it as shown by Susan Harrison-Tustain....a slow method but her work is absoloutley the tops......so my thanks go to Susan and the DVD's I just recived from her.

Sketching.... Lily

I have been doing a little sketching this past few days so thought that I would put my efforts into my blog....I thought I could never draw but I am pleased that I have got this far ...and I am still learning.
I really enjoyed doing this sketch so will put the next one of Wild Roses on my blog too

27 September 2006

Yellow Crested Cockatoos

This morning when we got up... this sight greeted us.....Yellow Crested Cockatoo's on our feeding table......these beautiful birds fly wild here in Australia....aren't they gorgeous?

25 September 2006

Trial Pastel painting Gaffa

This is a trial effort of pastel painting this gorgeous puppy by the name of Gaffa...he is a little Collie pup...........as I mentioned this is my first try out so am hoping for a much better painting later on.......I like to do a couple of trial efforts first then study them for a while before I proceed with the final.

15 September 2006

Fox Pastel painting

I am still working with my Faber Castell Pitt Pencils and Colin Bradleys lessons....I am having so much fun painting these gorgeous animals...... and have just started painting a little puppy that belongs to a friend so keep watching this space

08 September 2006

A painting of a Wolf

I finished painting this Wolf today...it is painted on Ingis Pastel paper....using Faber Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils the size is A4....
This painting was taken from a lesson by Colin Bradley in England.....I love this mans work and his lessons so will be doing more of these gorgeous animals.

30 August 2006

Lioness in Pastel pencils

I haven't posted for a while due to ill health but have just completed this painting of a Lioness taken from a lesson by Colin Bradley...I used Faber Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils....I think she came out very well

29 July 2006

Watercolour Painting by Joy

Here is another of my paintings...this one was taken from a lesson by Neil Jones of www.watercolour-paintbox.com.
I really enjoyed painting this and also enjoyed this magnificent lesson so thanks Neil

25 July 2006

Just two on the beach

I havent been to my blog for a few days but thought that I would put this new painting of mine in for all to see.... the weather is still very cold here so not much time going out shopping, apart from getting the essentials ....gives me lots excuses for getting a painting done!

This painting was take from a lesson by Charles Evans


15 July 2006

A Photo of Danni and Tao

This is a phto of Danni our Sealpoint Birman and Tao his brother who is a Blue point......seeing that I told you all about Danni being ill recently I though that you would like to meet him and his brother.
They are gorgeous boy's so affectionate and so good...they love being brushed and combed..even having their claws cut too....they have never been a problem and love to chase one another aroung the place always entertainting us.

Havent been around

I havent been around for the last few days...Danni one of our Birman cats has been ill so I have been looking after him and not had much time to post here.
However he is O.K. now thank goodness...it was a worrying time.
Right now I am trying to paint a portrait ...trying to figure out the flesh tones so it is going to take me a while to get it finished.
We were going up to the snow to take some photos but we haven't been there yet either but it will happen soon I hope.

01 July 2006

Watercolour painting of Ariel an African Girl

I am posting this photo of a painting I have been doing over the past couple of days....it is an African Girl that I painted from a demo in a learning book for watercolour portraits....(namely "Painting People by Michalin Otis a wonderful book)..I think she is rather beautiful............ I enjoyed doing this painting immensely...........and am now looking for more portraits to paint.

28 June 2006


For two days now I have been trying ...with the help of Dabs.... to get a photo of myself and my husband at the top of my blog page but so far it is not happening....Have no idea why so will sort it out at some stage.

We haven't had the chance to get to Mt. Baw Baw yet so it may have to be next week now...then hopefully I can put up some photos of the Australian snow.
Happy day to all

26 June 2006

A Tiny Violet

I took this photo with my new Casio EX Z1000 Camera this morning......I am so pleased with it so just had to show you all

25 June 2006

Snow on the alps

There is snow on the alps here now so everyone is heading for the ski resorts......one of our son in laws is heading there with a group of children from the school where he teaches.....

We...my husband and I intend to go to My Baw Baw which is the closest to us and have a look around sometime this week, so my trusty Casio digital camera is taking the trip with us... hopefully lots of pics to show when we get back...we are just going for the day.

Now I must start a new painting today so this is all for now.

24 June 2006

Busy morning

It has been a pretty busy morning here......cleaned the cats place thoroughly then washed all the floors etc etc ...heaps of housework and not much time for anything else....whoever invented HOUSEWORK?????giggle................
I am putting this photo of one of my latest paintings here...this is our latest great grandchild Lachlan (we have seven) done as a sepia portrait

23 June 2006

Another member of the family Jaycee

Here is another member of the family....Jaycee our boy Poodle... now four and a half years old.......he absoloutley adores Mindy and cries if she is not within earshot....he really is a big baby.

Mindy our gorgeous Poodle

This is another member of our household...our gorgeous little girl Poodle.....see the pretty pink ribbons in her ears.......she is 9 years old now and still as beautiful as ever.

20 June 2006

Birch tree lane Farm ....another view

This is another view of Birch tree Farm....Painted a few weeks ago...it now lives overseas....also painted from a lesson by Tony Forster UK

Birch Tree Farm England

I painted this study of Birch Tree Farm in England a couple of months ago now but thought that I would put it in my blog....I really enjoyed painting this subject...and I am pleased with the way it turned out...I painted this from lessons by Anthony Forster in England...I paid for 12 months of lessons and he is a great artist...go take a look at his site

Vase of Magnolias

I have completed this watercolour painting so thought that I would put it in my blog for you to see...I do hope that you will like it........I like oriental type painting's ..it is a very interesting subject for me...so here it is

What I did today

Today (20th June 2006) I went into Melbourne City and got my new Camera a Casio Exilim Z1000.....I am so excited to get this very small but beautiflu camera and hope to be able to take really close up photos to show on my blog.....so keep watching for more photos in the future.

This camera is so small that I can carry it in my handbag so that will be handy....my Kodak Digital is much larger and heavier to carry around.

I am looking for a nice flower to get a close up but it is winter over here and a little difficult to get nice flowers out now but I will see what I can do.

Tao.....Dannis brother ..resting

This is a photo of Tao resting after running around the house chasing his brother Danni........They run like mad then collapse in a heap for a long sleep

19 June 2006

Danni our Birman cat

Thought that you would like to see part of our "family" this is Danni one of our birman cats......we think he is gorgeous.

My day.... Monday June19th in Australia

I cannot belive that it has taken me all day to get this blog and another photo site uploaded....but it has been worth all the effort....

I must thank my artist friend Dab's for all her help and patience....without her I would be lost...your an angel Dab's ...Many thanks go out to you.......I hope that you can now get a good nights sleep my friend.

I want to invite more friends and family to my blog ...but that can now wait until tomorrow.

Bye for now

Art by Joy


This is a phto taken with my Kodak Z740 digital camera...it is the flower of one of our Bromilaides I am not sure of its name... let me know if you know the correct name

Crusifix Orchids

This is a flower of the Crusifix Orchid.......if you look closley at the centre of a flower you will se the Crusifix...a truly amazin flower