26 November 2012

Missing top bar

Well wouldn't you know it that as soon as I say something is very wrong it becomes right again...I am now seeing the top bar of my blog...is Google playing games I wonder LOL

Blog top bar

Hi All,
I am having a problem with my blog again, I cannot see the top bar on my or anyone elses blog...the one that says.... next blog, new post, design, etc, please can anyone help me out???
Thanks in advance
Joy in OZ

17 November 2012

Hi Folks,
Well they say that one never stops learning....so I have taken on a new hobby once again...it is Zentangles which is a form of art and meditation, you don't have to be able to draw  so stop saying" I cant even draw a straight line" because you don't need one, anyone can do it, you would be surprised at how easy and calming it is.
I am attaching my first try here on my blog so hope that you like it and that you will Google Zentangles for yourself....go into the Zentangles site to learn all about it
Have a great day
Hugs and Love

21 October 2012

Hello from "Down Under"
Seems like ages that I wrote something for my blog. reason being that I have been trying to learn a new craft.......it is making Turkish Oya Knotted lace and having lots of fun in the effort.....I long to be able to make the Oya Flowers but that is going miles ahead of me at the time of writing.
I bought 3 cheap cotton hankies to practice on...Yes there is that word again Practice, Practice and more Practice LOL but though that I would show you my attempts so far so here is a photo of how far I have got.
Its not finished yet.

04 September 2012

Monday 3rd September 2012

You may ask what I am thinking and doing today so I will open my heart and tell you.
12 months to the day my husband Bernard passed to be with the Lord, I am living every minute of that day with sadness in my heart and many tears, I know that I should be grateful for all the years we had together, and I am, but I must admit it is a lonely road to travel.

Yes we had our ups and downs but tell me what couple doesn't?, that's part of life I guess, and also a part of growing up.

My advice to you all is this.. "make every day count, treasure every minute you are together and make sure that you laugh a lot ....forgiveness is the biggest thing to do and sometimes the hardest, but nevertheless it is necessary, when you feel life is getting harder then dance like you've never danced before, sing the loudest...while no one is listening"
That's what I am trying to do today...not easy but at least I am trying
Love to you all

30 August 2012


Hi All,
It has been a couple of weeks since I last wrote anything on this blog so I though that I would do so  now.
It is getting very close to the date of my 1 year without my DH, on the 5th September 2011 he passed to be with the Lord and I am starting to get teary already........I must admit I have been very lonely even though I am very near to part of my family.
After 59 years of marriage I guess that is to be expected but it does'nt make it any easier, I have had the Lords help to get through this time so I should really be grateful for that, and I am believe me, but I miss Bernard so much........maybe it gets better with time, I will just have to carry on and make the best of it.
Love and Hugs to you all
God Bless

29 July 2012

Split Chain Doily

I have started to tat the Split Chain doily from Linda Davies's pattern, Many thanks to Linda for being so generous with her patterns and her wonderful advice, I am posting a photo of the doily that I have done so far.......I have dreaded doing split chains for many years but this doily was too gorgeous to miss so here is the photo, and I am thrilled to say that I am no longer afraid of this technique.....LOL


05 July 2012

Hell All,
I have just finished my first term teaching Tatting at the Crib Point Community Centre and I am very pleased with the results...I start a new term on the 23rd of this month with a set of newbies and the first class will be a social class......what a joy it has been to share this wonderful craft of Tatting with others and an added benifit of  Tatting taking in new folks who can eventually pass it on.

18 May 2012

Hello All,

Well I said that I wouldnt get another dog when my 2 darling Poodles passed away but I relented and got this gorgeous 3 year old Chihuahua called Tara....she is simply adorable, so affectionate... and cuddles could go on all day long LOL.
I put her into the big cage for the first day so that she could make friends with Buddy Boy my British Shorthair cat, the cat is bigger than Tara!!!! The cage is down now and they get along O.K.
I love her to pieces

11 May 2012

Another sad time

I am having another very sad time as my two gorgeous Poodles had to be put to sleep, Mindy was going on 14 years and had a very bad heart and was nearly blind due to cataracts, she was very unsteady on her feet and was falling over, Jaycee was 13 and he had health problems too plus he had an anxiety disorder after Bernard passed away, I couldn't leave him for a minute, he would cry if I went into another room, it was heartbreaking.

I miss them terribly but have many happy memories to look back on,

25 April 2012

Short Holiday

My Daughter and I went on a short holiday to a place called Lakes Entrance here in Victoria, Australia.......I was really feeling washed out after the loss of my husband but I am pleased to say that the short holiday really helped me, having my daughter with me was a bonus, she made me laugh, something I havent done for a while, Yes things do get easier with time.
Love to you all

14 April 2012

New Printer and scanner try out

My printer gave up the ghost so I had to get a new one.......I have been playing with it this morning after I downloaded it all yesterday and thought that I would just have a go.

I found this gorgeous photo of Bernard taken sometime in 2009, before he got sick so I am posting it here for you to see.

Hugs to you all

Rest in Peace, we will be together again one day

11 April 2012

Another sad day

Hello All,
It was another sad day for us yesterday, our youngest daughter and her DH had to have their faithful dog Doohan  put sleep, he had been ill since just after Christmas and the vets couldnt pin his ailment down, he was given medication for a time and he seemed to be coming good, then it had to be stopped as it was dangerous if carried on any longer, poor Doohan went backwards very quickly and yesterday 10th April he had to be put to sleep.

He was 12 years old and a more faithful dog you couldnt find, we all had a very teary time as Doohan went over The Rainbow Bridge to rest in peace.....attached is a photo of him sleeping on his blanket the night before.

He will always be a part of you right there in your heart, a warm and fuzzy feeling , as it was right from the start
RIP Doohan
Man and Women's greatest friend

For Doohan 10th April 2012

06 April 2012


Since the change for our blogs I am finding that I dont like it at all and I am having so many problems with it.
No longer is anyone responding to my additions to my blog but even if anyone did I cannot see it....if anyone is having the same problems please let me know.

Also who likes this new blogger change?

04 April 2012

Tatting with Sulky

I am so thrilled that I am tatting the Stumpy design by Kersti in the finest thread I have ever used.... after seeing Diane's (Lacelovin Librarian) Stumpy bookmarks I thought that if I could get the tread here in Australia I would have a go.

Well I managed to purchase the thread ........Sulky weight 30 number 4006 and I love it...I may have to get some kind of magnifyer to attach to my ordinary glasses but it is coming along fine so here is a photo of how far I have got with it....oops got the cotton over the top but you can see it O.K.

Many thanks to Diane for getting me going with her delicious photos on her blog and hugs to Kersti for the pattern


Another Stumpy design by Kersti

Here is another Stumpy made with the Sulky thread weight 12...slightly thicker cotton and lovely to work with.

It ma not be perfect but I am thrilled to be working with such fine cotton...so practice ...practice...practice

01 April 2012

Tatting again

Well folks I am tatting again after going to the Quilt and Art show in my little seaside town and doing a demo, it really got me going again .
I did a length whilst the two day exhibition was on and I gave it to a lady who was on my demo table demoing Rushed Roses, she was thrilled to little bits and it going to sew it onto a black jumper.
Here is also a pic of my display at the demo 
I am uploading a photo of the edging I am doing in Lizbeth thread size 20 Colour 115

18 February 2012

In Remeberance of Gina Brummet

  I will always have a soft spot in my heart for you Gina, as a friend, a teacher, and a beautiful lady both inside and out, you shared all your talents with so many people who will remember you with such fondness and love.
Rest in peace my friend, you are sadly missed
Hugs and God Bless
Joy in OZ

15 February 2012

Gina Brummet

It was with great sadness that I read of the passing of Gina Brummet, we sent each other personal e-mails from time to time, she was a great friend to me, my heart is breaking at the loss of a very dear friend...she will be sadly missed.
I only sent a personal e-mail last week telling her all about my new cottage by the sea.......I must admit I am still in shock.
RIP Gina
Joy in OZ

07 February 2012

Home again at last

Many thanks to Dabs for all the help she has given me regarding the mess up with my blog........one of Gods angels.

Hi to everyone,I am testing to see if my old Blog is still going

Testing the old blog