29 November 2013

Tapestry counted cross stitch

Since I moved to my much smaller house I have been searching for things as I still have boxes unpacked. recently I found my Cross stitch tapestry but couldnt find the cottons....yesterday I found them and was doing the Happy Dance......I started it ages ago so now I am going to try and finish it, the photo shows how far I had got with it
Hugs Joy

16 November 2013

Here is the table runner finished apart from the material being sewn into it


10 October 2013

The Wedding went off beautifully so here is a photo of the Bride and Groom after the ceremony, thay make a gorgeous couple, they are now in Thiland on their honeymoon

03 October 2013

It has been a while since I put anything up on my blog, I seem to get caught up with one or other of my crafts and just get lost in the moment, although I haven't touched my painting since Bernard passed away I just cant face it yet, but maybe one day.

This Saturday one of our Grandsons gets married to a gorgeous girl so I will be going to the wedding...here is a photo of the couple, Matthew and Jacinta.............they are going to Thailand for their honeymoon.

I am sure that the wedding will go off beautifully and look forward to it

Hugs to you all

24 June 2013

Hi All,
I have had my Bobbin Lace UFO out for a week now and I am learning all over again after being away from it for so long...its heading for the last length so I thought I would show you a photo of it.....It will have a Linen centre and will be a table centre mat.

Hope you like it
Joy in OZ

27 March 2013

Happy and Blessed Easter

I cannot believe that I have not updated my blog in a while so I want to wish you all a very Blessed and Happy Easter.

With the weather being so hot here in Melbourne Australia I can say that I have done very little in the craft line, my hands get too sweaty and hot to tat so my work is not pleasent to do, so it stays covered up until the cooler weather comes along.

Sending big hugs to you all

26 January 2013

Hello to everyone,

I have spent the last few weeks reading 2 very interesting books, I love reading and biographies are my favorites...  we can learn so much from those that have gone before us, these 2 books were on the life of one of my favorite movie stars, and I think that maybe he will be one of your favorites too.

Unfortunately he is no longer with us, but his brilliant movie career will live on for many years to come.......the man I want to mention is Cary Grant,  a giant of a man in the movie world and adored by many.

I never realized that he had such a tragic childhood, seeing him in a film I don't think many folks would have thought that either, but reading the book "Good Stuff" written by his one and only child Jennifer Grant and "Dear Cary" written by his late wife Dyan Cannon has certainly put new thoughts into my head about what life can be like after a tragic upbringing and how one can feel guilty for things that , as a child we can blame ourselves for when we were only being bystanders.

I agree tragedy comes to us all in one way or another, but how we deal with it is so very important, these books enlightened me a little more, and I understood a little better in more than one way on my own journey of life, and I am so very glad that I read them.

When it all boils down to is this, Love, friendships, forgiveness, honesty, and a listening ear are some of the most important things we have at our disposal, and cost us nothing, without them we are nothing.

What happened to Cary Grant as a child happens to other children in this world, my only hope is that they will seek help and gain the love that they deserve......they didn't ask to come into this world, but they are what the next generation will be and maybe that could be and would be a far better world.

I have no connection with either writer's or the publishers of these books but if you get the chance to read the books I hope that you will take it....... don't look just for Cary Grant the famous movie star, look around you at the children of the future.........being a film star, having all the luxuries it can give a person isn't worth going through the misery of ones past and always feeling the guilt that was never yours in the first place


03 January 2013

Happy New Year to you all.....I am putting a couple of my bobbin lace items here for you to see, They were done a little while ago