23 October 2006

Geisha Girl for Julian

I am posting this painting of a Geish Girl for Julian to see.....hope that you like it Julian...she was taken frome a photograph wich was sent to me

12 October 2006

This pastel painting of a Panda is also a lesson from Colin Bradley.........it was a joy to paint......thanks go to Colin for teaching me how to do pastel paintings of animals...I am ever grateful to you.

Katy our White Poodle

This is a photo of our White Poodle Katy when she was 4 years old..we gave her this Photo taken by a great photographer in Queensalnd to her as her Christmas present that year.......(Yes we are crazy and our pets do get presents) ...she died when she was 15 years old... we missed her terribly and cried for days..the house was so quiet without her.
We declared that we would not have any more animals as loosing Katy was just too much to bear at the time... but it didn't last long before we had another Poodle Mindy and then we got Jaycee too.
Katy will alway be close to our hearts and a wonderful memory of a faithful friend

This is the very first Pastel painting that I did.......it is a Colin Bradley lesson using the Faber Castell Pitt Pencils which are great to use and not powdery or messy like the other pastels....I started with the eyes which seems to work for me as I get the "feeling" of the animal that way....since doing this painting I have added one chalk pastel ...a Sminke White for the highlights.
I am extremely pleased with these lessons as Colin is a brilliant artist and a very obliging and helpful man....go to his site to see more of his lovely pastel paintings....I am sure that you will enjoy looking at his work

11 October 2006

Watercolour painting of Aqualegia's

This is my latest painting...the Aqualiega is a very delicate flower but very beautiful.......I took this from a book called A-Z of Flowers....enjoy.

The two dark marks at the top of this painting are not on the original so I guess it must be my scanner.

03 October 2006

Watercolour Lily

I managed to get back to my watercolour painting the last couple of days so decided to try this Lily using the wet in wet method........which I have been trying to do for ages but just couldn't get it right .......
This was done very similar to the method used by Susan Harrison Tunstain........
I think this one has been the best yet.

01 October 2006

Myself and my husband Bernard

I tried to get this photo into my blog when I first started it but just couldn't work it out so now here it is.....taken a few years ago.......due to the flood we had here two years ago we lost most of our recent photos.

Benson Bear

This is Benson a bear I made in 1998.....seeing that this is a family site as well as art I though that you would like to see more of my art and craft work......I made bears for a few years from large ones like Benson to tiny ones.

Sketch Wild Roses

Here is the sketch I have done of Wild Roses......I have every intention of painting them in watercolour at some stage when I have finished painting the Lily......I am taking my time with the Lily...painting it as shown by Susan Harrison-Tustain....a slow method but her work is absoloutley the tops......so my thanks go to Susan and the DVD's I just recived from her.

Sketching.... Lily

I have been doing a little sketching this past few days so thought that I would put my efforts into my blog....I thought I could never draw but I am pleased that I have got this far ...and I am still learning.
I really enjoyed doing this sketch so will put the next one of Wild Roses on my blog too