28 November 2010

My New Bobbin Winder

I just bought this bobbin winder as my Aero bobbins will not wind on my sewing machines...I am very thrilled with it as it works beautifully...here is a pic of it

21 November 2010

WIP Tatted Scarf

I am nearly finished with the 4th length of my Tatted Scarf so thought that a photo was due......I will finish all the lengths first (not sure how many as yet) and then join them all together....hope that you like this piece of tatting......it has not been blocked at this stage and I wont do that until it is all joined.

The first photo shows the lengths the second photo shows them folded ....I am using the magic thread hence the safety pin holding it so I wont accidentally pull it out.
Happy Tatting

15 October 2010

Antique Ivory Tatting Shuttle

I really have to show you a very special present for me, it is a gorgeous Ivory Carved Tatting Shuttle.......Dont get me wrong I dont agree to any kind of poaching of animals to make items for sale as I love all animals... but this was made in the 1800's when this kind of thing was acceptable.

I have had this on my wish list for many years but never imagined that I would ever have one so I am very happy with it...hope that you folks like it.

25 September 2010

My pratice needle tatting

Here is a photo of my tatting with a needle practice pieces...just trying it for fun

22 June 2010

Nearly another length for the Tatted Scarf

This is the second row of the scarf...it has to be joined by tatting through the middle where you can see the gap

03 May 2010

Tatted scarf wip

I have started to tat a lace scarf... it is from the Japanese book by Teiko Fujito called Tatted Fashion........Illustration 52.... pattern page 92...this is part of the first panel and I think it will take me quite some time to finish it....I want it to be about 24 inches long....hope that you like it

11 February 2010

My latest doily

Here is my latest doily made for a very special friend in the U.S.A.......I was so pleased to hear that she liked it.......it is from an old tatting book