28 May 2007

Floral Dance taken from Susan Harrison-Tustains book Glorious Garden Flowers

I have just started this painting called Floral Dance it is a lesson in Susan Harrison-Tustain's book "Glorious Garden Flowers" her paintings are wonderful to say the least....I love the way she works.

I will update this painting as I go along........but it will take some time between updating this painting

16 May 2007

Black bobbin lace fan

This is my Black bobbin lace fan that I finished recently it is now waiting to be put onto the fan sticks......I must make another pattern of a fan in white to replace the one that went missing in one of our house moves............sooooo frustrating when things like this happen!!!!

13 May 2007

This is a new piece of Bobbin Lace that I have just started it is a pattern from Henk Harmann's book...just one of many I like designed by this person...you can see my tiny bear Jamie that I made some years ago, sitting on my pillow just to see that I dont make mistakes in my work Ha Ha

Bobbin Lace edging on a tablecloth

This is a bobbin lace edging that I made for this round tablecloth......I also embroidered it in whitework.......I made this edging for a table centre too.

Tatting Demo number 3 of 3

How to tat a different way