25 April 2012

Short Holiday

My Daughter and I went on a short holiday to a place called Lakes Entrance here in Victoria, Australia.......I was really feeling washed out after the loss of my husband but I am pleased to say that the short holiday really helped me, having my daughter with me was a bonus, she made me laugh, something I havent done for a while, Yes things do get easier with time.
Love to you all

14 April 2012

New Printer and scanner try out

My printer gave up the ghost so I had to get a new one.......I have been playing with it this morning after I downloaded it all yesterday and thought that I would just have a go.

I found this gorgeous photo of Bernard taken sometime in 2009, before he got sick so I am posting it here for you to see.

Hugs to you all

Rest in Peace, we will be together again one day

11 April 2012

Another sad day

Hello All,
It was another sad day for us yesterday, our youngest daughter and her DH had to have their faithful dog Doohan  put sleep, he had been ill since just after Christmas and the vets couldnt pin his ailment down, he was given medication for a time and he seemed to be coming good, then it had to be stopped as it was dangerous if carried on any longer, poor Doohan went backwards very quickly and yesterday 10th April he had to be put to sleep.

He was 12 years old and a more faithful dog you couldnt find, we all had a very teary time as Doohan went over The Rainbow Bridge to rest in peace.....attached is a photo of him sleeping on his blanket the night before.

He will always be a part of you right there in your heart, a warm and fuzzy feeling , as it was right from the start
RIP Doohan
Man and Women's greatest friend

For Doohan 10th April 2012

06 April 2012


Since the change for our blogs I am finding that I dont like it at all and I am having so many problems with it.
No longer is anyone responding to my additions to my blog but even if anyone did I cannot see it....if anyone is having the same problems please let me know.

Also who likes this new blogger change?

04 April 2012

Tatting with Sulky

I am so thrilled that I am tatting the Stumpy design by Kersti in the finest thread I have ever used.... after seeing Diane's (Lacelovin Librarian) Stumpy bookmarks I thought that if I could get the tread here in Australia I would have a go.

Well I managed to purchase the thread ........Sulky weight 30 number 4006 and I love it...I may have to get some kind of magnifyer to attach to my ordinary glasses but it is coming along fine so here is a photo of how far I have got with it....oops got the cotton over the top but you can see it O.K.

Many thanks to Diane for getting me going with her delicious photos on her blog and hugs to Kersti for the pattern


Another Stumpy design by Kersti

Here is another Stumpy made with the Sulky thread weight 12...slightly thicker cotton and lovely to work with.

It ma not be perfect but I am thrilled to be working with such fine cotton...so practice ...practice...practice

01 April 2012

Tatting again

Well folks I am tatting again after going to the Quilt and Art show in my little seaside town and doing a demo, it really got me going again .
I did a length whilst the two day exhibition was on and I gave it to a lady who was on my demo table demoing Rushed Roses, she was thrilled to little bits and it going to sew it onto a black jumper.
Here is also a pic of my display at the demo 
I am uploading a photo of the edging I am doing in Lizbeth thread size 20 Colour 115