27 September 2006

Yellow Crested Cockatoos

This morning when we got up... this sight greeted us.....Yellow Crested Cockatoo's on our feeding table......these beautiful birds fly wild here in Australia....aren't they gorgeous?

25 September 2006

Trial Pastel painting Gaffa

This is a trial effort of pastel painting this gorgeous puppy by the name of Gaffa...he is a little Collie pup...........as I mentioned this is my first try out so am hoping for a much better painting later on.......I like to do a couple of trial efforts first then study them for a while before I proceed with the final.

15 September 2006

Fox Pastel painting

I am still working with my Faber Castell Pitt Pencils and Colin Bradleys lessons....I am having so much fun painting these gorgeous animals...... and have just started painting a little puppy that belongs to a friend so keep watching this space

08 September 2006

A painting of a Wolf

I finished painting this Wolf today...it is painted on Ingis Pastel paper....using Faber Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils the size is A4....
This painting was taken from a lesson by Colin Bradley in England.....I love this mans work and his lessons so will be doing more of these gorgeous animals.