12 October 2009

John Dunbar's Dances with Wolves

John Dunbars theme "Dances with Wolves"...such beautiful music....Enjoy

Tell me Why... Declan Galbraith

This is Declan Galbraith singing the song he wrote when he was 13 years old......so true and a reminder that we all need in this world today.
Thank you Declan

08 October 2009

The Triplets older Sister and Brother

This is a photo of the triplets older Sister and Brother....Rachel and James they look a very happy pair dont they?
Needless to say I am biased LOL

New Photos of The Triplets

Here is a new photo of the triplets......they sure have grown and all look so well...will keep updating when I get more photos

From Left to right.. (Smiley)Jade.....Ben and Daniel