16 May 2007

Black bobbin lace fan

This is my Black bobbin lace fan that I finished recently it is now waiting to be put onto the fan sticks......I must make another pattern of a fan in white to replace the one that went missing in one of our house moves............sooooo frustrating when things like this happen!!!!

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Beverly said...

I'd love to learn the art of bobbin lace making, but I'm not finding any good sites online. Can you help me figure out where to get the supplies and good instructions? I did find some sites that give directions to making your own bobbins (which I think would be really cool-in fact, I plan to go to the craft store today to get some supplies for that) and I also found instructions for making a lace pillow. But, I've seen some instructions that say that the pillows should be packed with straw or some other items that will make the pillow fairly solid. And insight on this?

Please reply to this via my email address at Beverly5876@yahoo.com