04 September 2012

Monday 3rd September 2012

You may ask what I am thinking and doing today so I will open my heart and tell you.
12 months to the day my husband Bernard passed to be with the Lord, I am living every minute of that day with sadness in my heart and many tears, I know that I should be grateful for all the years we had together, and I am, but I must admit it is a lonely road to travel.

Yes we had our ups and downs but tell me what couple doesn't?, that's part of life I guess, and also a part of growing up.

My advice to you all is this.. "make every day count, treasure every minute you are together and make sure that you laugh a lot ....forgiveness is the biggest thing to do and sometimes the hardest, but nevertheless it is necessary, when you feel life is getting harder then dance like you've never danced before, sing the loudest...while no one is listening"
That's what I am trying to do today...not easy but at least I am trying
Love to you all


H J Hess said...

You are right. Make every day count.
The sadness and tears never go away, but every moment must be treated as the treasure it is.
God bless you.

Maureen said...

Such wise words, Joy - I hope that you did not spend the whole of this day completely on your own?
Maybe you could plan to do something special in future years, on the anniversary - something to look forward to, perhaps a special dinner, or even a couple of nights away in a place which had meaning for both of you.

Unknown said...

Many thanks ladies for your very kind responses